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The M.A. and Ph.D. are divided into 3 majors.
  ├ Major in Design
  ├ Major in Fine Arts
  └ Major in Fine Arts

Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School Overall Curriculum

Curriculum(M.A. Degree)

The curriculum consists of 3 course-types:

Theories of Fine Art and Design These courses study art and design from a theoretical point and aim to deepen knowledge and improve skills through discussions and debates as well as lectures.
Practical Fine Art and Design These courses are based on the following three themes: [The City and Environment], [Production and Development] and [Man and Design], which are conducted as seminars, fieldwork, case studies and workshops. Through these more active practice-based classes, students interact and work with current issues in the industrial world and society.
Specialized Studies Electives In these courses, supervision is given according to each student’s research topics.
The courses are divided into 2 types: the “Practice Research” and “General Research” course. The former type aims to improve technical and practical skills, while the latter aims to compile the student’s research and art practices in the form of a master’s thesis. A student’s thesis committee will consist of 1 main advisor and another secondary advisor. Step-by-step guidance will be given to the student primarily by his/her main advisor.

Features of the Curriculum(M.A. Degree)

  1. Students can acquire practical skills as well as effectively deepen their general knowledge and understanding through the combination of courses from these 3 categories.
  2. Students are exposed to constant exercises of their research and practices through presentation and assessment of his/her works.
  3. Students have the double opportunity of individual guidance and collective study.
  4. The curriculum is constructed in concordance with the undergraduate curriculum.
  5. Students have the opportunity to obtain Teaching Certificates (Art and Crafts).

Curriculum(Ph.D. Degree)

Ph.D Degree Coursework

Design: Comprehensive ResearchⅠ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ Focused on individual guidance from the adviser, candidates are trained to develop their technical, research, and theoretical skills. Guidance is provided according to the research themes of each candidate toward the writing of the Ph.D. Dissertation or Ph.D Work and Thesis.
Design: Specialized PracticeⅠ・Ⅱ
Fine Art: Specialized PracticeⅠ・Ⅱ
Design Education: Specialized PracticeⅠ・Ⅱ
Focused on individual guidance from the adviser, candidates are trained to develop their skills in understanding their research within a social and global perspective.
Through comparative analyses and practical exercises, candidates also become attentive to the contributions their research make to society thus nurturing a more active engagement with society. This, in turn, will result in the overall development of the candidate’s research abilities.
Design: Specialized Project The advisory committee deliberates on the student’s research theme, progress, and prospect. Should the committee find the research theme and progress is substantial, the student participates in the Design: Specialized Project as a researcher and instuctor, developing her/his theoretical and practical skills for the research.
Design: Specialized Theory The Zokei University’s education in research is considered a contribution toward society.
One of the university’s mission to think of the direction research must take for university graduates of both Zokei and other insitutes, as well as exchange students can understand the spirit of “pursuing and realizing creative research that is for the development of society.”

Features of the Curriculum(Ph.D. Degree)

  1. Practice-Based Research which ties academic research as well as practice in the arts.
  2. Development of a Specialty in both Research and Specialized Practices
  3. Pursuit of Strong Connection between Research theme and Society