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Academic Calendar

During their enrollment at the University of Art and Design, Tokyo, students have the opportunity to present their works (in progress) in various occasions such as the school festival (CS Festival), the ZOKEI Festival where they are to present their thesis works and projects, and the Tokyo Gobidai University Union Graduation Exhibition.
For students pursuing art and design, participating in these occasions are extremely meaningful. We hold these events as significant elements of our educational activities.

Academic Calendar 2020 (Graduate School)

April Entrance Ceremony

April Guidance/Student Orientation

July Open Campus

October CS Festival (Art Festival)

January ZOKEI Exhibition (Thesis Exhibition)

March Graduation Ceremony

Under construction.

Month Date Event
April 1 Entrance Ceremony(M2・M1・D1)
6 Fine Arts and Design Project Guidance
6-13 Course Registration
15 Spring Semester Courses Begin
30 Substitute Holiday for National Holiday(Marine Day)
May 1 School Holiday
July 17-18 Open Campus
Sophomore Interim Research Exhibition (exhibition period)
19-21 Sophomore Interim Research Exhibition(Exhibit Research Project/work & Oral Presentation)
22 Classes to be held(Marine Day)
23 Classes to be held(Sports Day)
28 Classes end
29-9/3 Summer Recess
29-8/4 Spring Semester Make-up classes
August 5 Mskeup Exam
27-9/4 Course Registration
September 6 Fall Semester begins
20 Classes to be held(Respect-for-the-Aged Day)
October 12-14 Freshmen Interim Research Exhibition
(Exhibit Research Project/work & Oral Presentation)
16-17 Freshmen Interim Research Exhibition (Exhibition Period)
15-17 CS Festival (Art Festival)
19 Substitute Holiday for National Holiday(Foundation Day)
20 Foundation Day
November 23 Classes to be held(Labor Thanksgiving Day)
December 6-18 Exhibition(Ph.D. Degree)
24 Classes end
27-1/5 Winter Recess
27,1/5-11 Make-up classes
January 6-7 Research Report (1st years students)
Research Report(M1・D1)
Preliminary Assessment(D2)
12 Mskeup Exam
18 Master’s Thesis and Project: Final Assessment and Examination
19-20 Master’s Thesis and Project: Assessment on Exhibition work
22-23 Master’s Thesis and Project: Exhibition of Final work (ZOKEI Exhibition)
March 23 Graduation Ceremony
  • This calendar is for the academic year 2021.