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ZOKEI Exhibition (Thesis Exhibition)

ZOKEI exhibition exhibits graduation research・work/M.A. Thesis・work done by the graduating students of the year (Fourth-year undergraduate students and second-year M.A. students) as a comprehensive showcase of educational research at the university.
The expression “ZOKEI” was first used as the name of the university in 1966 by the founder Yoko Kuwazawa with the hope to foster new creators who work beyond the established boundaries of art and design.
This exhibition will be held with the aim of reacknowleging the meaning of the expression “ZOKEI” and providing opportunities for more people to engage with the educational achievements at Tokyo Zokei University.
The final assessment of the research and work exhibited will be made by the students’ advisors and the outstanding work will receive the “ZOKEI award”. The award ribbon will mark the award.