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Scholarships and Student Insurances

The Tokyo Zokei University Scholarship

1.Graduate School Masters of Arts Program: Encouragement Scholarship

For: Master’s Program Freshmen〜 (Tokyo Zokei University B.A. Graduates included)
Scholarship Type Tuition Reduction
Amount Reduction of 400,000JPY Tuition per year (for two years *assessment after each year)
Eligibility and Conditions Graduates and Excellent Students of the Tokyo Zokei University (including Transfer Students and Graduates)
Number of Grantee 10

2.Graduate School Doctors of Arts Program: Academic Excellence Scholarship

For: Doctoral Program Freshmen〜 (Tokyo Zokei University M.A. Graduates included)
Scholarship Type Tuition Reduction
Amount Reduction of 500,000JPY Tuition per year (for three years *assessment after each year)
Eligibility and Conditions Graduates and Excellent Students of the Tokyo Zokei University
Number of Grantee 2

3.Graduate scholarship student

For: 2nd year master’s course, 3rd year doctoral course
Scholarship Type Grant
Amount 200,000 yen / year
Eligibility and Conditions Those who have excellent research results in the first year of graduate school and grades in college, etc., and are highly motivated to research
Number of Grantee 5

4.President’s Award

For: All M.A. and Ph.D. students
Scholarship Type Grant
Amount 50,000 – 200,000JPY (max. 200,000JPY)
Eligibility and Conditions Those whose works and/or research has contributed greatly for society and been recognized by winning (a) prestigous award(s).
Number of Grantee 2 to 3

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarships

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) homepage

Scholarships loans are provided for students with distinguished grades who are experiencing financial difficulties that make it difficult for them to continue their studies.

Degree Students

Applications are accepted in the Spring and are made through the Graduate School.

Emergency Loans

Students who have experienced a sudden change of financial situation, such as the main earner losing their job or passing away, or a disaster, which make it difficult to continue their studies, may apply for an emergency loan.

【Scholarship Types】

Type Type I Type II
With interest Without interest Choice of 1. Fixed interest rate or 2. Reviewed interest rate (max. interest rate of 3% per year)
Stipend per month (Master’s Program) 50,000 JPY or 80,000JPY Choice of 50,000JPY, 80,000JPY, 100,000JPY, 130,000JPY, 150,000PY.
Stipent can be changed during the loan period.
Stipend per month (Doctoral Program) 80,000 JPY or 122,000JPY

※Due to budget limitations, unfortunately not all students may be recommended for the scholarship even if he/she meets the recommendation requirements.

Other Scholarship Loans

Public and Private Institutions also offer scholarships. Details for applications are posted regularly. Please confirm these institutions with the Education Committee of the residency of your guarantor.

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (JEES)

The Graduate School is a member of Japan Educational Exchanges and Services. This insurance covers students who suffer physical injuries due to accidents during the course of their educational and research activities. Insurance fees are billed to students at the time of matriculation.

・Death Insurance Coverage: 10,000,000JPY~20,000,000JPY
・Residual Disability Insurance Coverage: 450,000JPY~30,000,000JPY
・Medical Care Coverage: 6,000JPY~300,000JPY
・Hospitalization Coverage: 4,000JPY per day

In addition, we recommend students to join the “Total Insurance Planning for Students” program. Membership, however, is not mandatory.