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Calendar for Career Support Events

The Career Center conducts monthly events such as career guidances and job-search seminars to support students who are job-hunting. These are held every Tuesday from 4:40PM for students in their junior year in the undergraduate program and for first years in the graduate program.
The Career Center encrourages students to not simply acquire the techniques of job-hunting, but to pursue job opportunities which match her/his motivations, interests and abilities. Developing career ideas begins with considering what you want out of your life and career and carefully deciding how you can contribute to society while making your life fulfilling. The university is committed in providing students with the best opportunities available in the job-market, using its characteristic features of being an arts university and helping students acquire the skills to successfully pursue possibilities of their choice.

Fall Semester 2020

Time and Date Venue Topic Content
Web Career Support Center First Guidance For: Graduate Freshmen students
17:00 –
Web Seminar on the Games & Entertainment Industry For:All students
17:00 –
Web Seminar on the Advertisement Industry For:All students
17:00 –
Web Report from Successful Job-Hunters (from the senior students) For: Graduate Freshmen students
17:00 –
Web Browsing Session of Senior Students’ Port-folios For:All students
17:00 –
Web Learn all about Job-Hunting!
(YAMAGIWA Seminar Students Panel Discussion)
For: Graduate Freshmen students
17:00 –
Web Portfolio preparation basic seminar For: Graduate Freshmen students
17:00 –
Web Mock Exam for the SPI For: Graduate Freshmen students
17:00 –
Web Guidance on Writing Entry Sheets For: Graduate Freshmen students