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Major in Design Education and Research

In the M.A. Degree Course, comprehensive studies are conducted in the fields of Design and Fine Art which will then, with the students acquired analytical skills, allow the various challenging issues contemporary society faces to come to the fore. Through these training, students will develop their skills in the fields they major in.

In the Ph.D. Degree Course,attention will be paid to an extensive and advanced level of design education that is required in contemporary society. Students will develop their skills into becoming practitioners and scholars with professional expertise.
Design education for not only elementary, middle, to high school, but also for lifelong-education purposes will be developed (in institutions ranging from social welfare facilities such as pre-schools, cultural facilities, and workshops organized by private corporations) for a wide and extensive approach.

Faculty(M.A. Degree)

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ISHIGA Naoyuki Professor
KOBAYASHI Takashi Professor
YAMADA Takeshi Professor

Faculty(Ph.D. Degree)

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ISHIGA Naoyuki Associate Professor
KOBAYASHI Takashi Professor

Qualifications which can be obtained

Teaching Certificate for Middle School (Art)(M.A. Degree)
Teaching Certificate for High School (Art and Crafts)(M.A. Degree)

Career paths of Graduates:

Middle School and High School teachers, researcher, University faculty etc.