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留学生レポート(Daniel Grein)

Daniel Grein

領域 : インダストリアルデザイン
派遣元 : ドイツ シュヴェービッシュ・グミュント造形大学
期間 : 2009.9.7 ~ 2010.1.31


First of all I like the close historical lines between the Tokyo Zokei University and my home university, the HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend. Both are rooted in the idea of the Bauhaus and Ulm School. And both universities always realized the important task of the designer in society and strive design with a added value that could change the world instead of beeing just a decorative element.

At the Tokyo Zokei University, I had the opportunity to continue my study in a constant quality and intensity, but at the same time I had the chance to gain knowledge of relatively unknown areas.


I took part in different classes of Professor Tamada like »Corporate Identity«. In this project we analyse existing corporate identities and brand images around the world. The main goal of this work was to create a whole new Identity for a company considering the gained knowledge. I worked on a complete new CI for the fictional broadcaster »fontes«. Besides the logo, I created the business equipment from letter paper to cards and also the on-air-design.

My second main project was called »Tempus«. A concept of future cooking, which was invent in Tamada`s »Interaction Class«. After research and the analyse of the cooking process I mainly focused on solving time-problems while cooking. Cooking is a complex system with many parameters to attend, a lot of time related mistakes might happen. So my target was to decrease sources of error in the process. I developed a new hob with an interactive cooking assistant. Easy to handle by touch and uncomplex to use.

In addition to my two main projects I took part in the Seminar of Professor Tamada as well as in Professor Oki`s Seminar.


The time in Japan passed really too fast. To study at the Tokyo Zokei University was an amazing benefit for my study and whole life. It was great to learn from Professor Tamada and the japanese students. I went back home to Germany with an open mind and with a lot of new design influences and ways of thinking.

Thank you Zokei for the best time of my study. Japan, you will see me back there!