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Film & Moving Image Major – Department of design


About Film & Moving Image Major

Film & Moving Image was born at the end of 19th century, and it gained public recognition in no time. And it rushed all down the path to become the gigantic industry of today. At the same time, there arose a movement to see film as a new art. Both overlapping with each other, formed the system of film. By the coming in of TV and video technology, the concept of “film” so far had to be widely broadened into a new concept so called “Audio-Visual Contents”. One of these trends appeared through a medium created by quite a personal sensitivity. For example, what came to be called the “new cinema”, which is quite a personal way of expression, is one of the new trends and it came to be recognized by the society.
In the Film & Moving Image Major, we grasp this broadened concept of Audio-Visual Contents as a trend of cultural and artistic expression. Understanding the history, we seek for a new possibility of personal expression in two fields: Film expression and Audio-Visual Expression.

What is conspicuous about Zokei’s film making is that every student takes part in the whole making of the film from the beginning to the end, instead of having partial responsibilities. In other words we do not divide them in parts, such as: Producer, Scenario Writer, Director, Camera Operator, Mixer, etc. Another merit of learning at Zokei is that you can study not only Film but also Graphic Design, Animation, Interior Architecture, and Textile, through Common Subjects provided in the Department of Design. By becoming friends with students of other major, you can get help from them in making of film. This is a good environment for film-making.

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