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Painting Major – Department of Fine Arts


About Painting Major

Looking back into the past, the history of painting has always been innovated by artists who have the passion and the sensitivity to explore a new way of expression. And it is their sensitivity and passion that have given birth to the expansion and the diverse development of the artistic expression. In thus diversified scene of art, that we have today, in order not to be helplessly influenced by the fashion or the craze of the days, it has become essential for an artist to have a reliable sight and a strong spirit that will assure you to have a deep self-insight and the power to square up to the complex time that we have today.

In the Painting Major, the individuality and the subjectivity of each student are respected more than anything else. And this stand point is carried on to the four Fields of Study; Image Expression, Concept Expression, Printing Expression and Wide Area Expression. From these four fields of studies, the students learn various types of expression technique and artistic conditions of today. Seeking for the new style of Zokei(art and design) and the potentials of artistic expression, each student identifies himself/herself as an expressionist of the time, and tries to establish his/her own world of expression.

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