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Graphic design Major – Department of design


About Graphic design Major

The origin of Graphic Design roots in the birth of printing. The printing technique made a big progress after the typography was invented. And it kept on progressing by innovation after innovation. Both printing technique and the printed matters were called “Typography” all together. To the world of typography, which deals with letters mainly, there came anew a image media. And this became a much more powerful way of communication as the social and economical circumstances change.
Graphic Design is the general word to identify the idea of producing replica such as advertisement and publication of new era. By using the word “design” for the first time, people wanted to imply in the word the idea of creating a new value that never existed before.. Thus, the design created from the new idea opened up the new world of communication. Based on the above-mentioned historical background, we provide two directions of study in our Graphic Design major, to study its philosophy and method: “Visual Communication” and “Graphic Art”

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