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Animation Major – Department of design


About Animation Major

For ages, people had been longing to see “moving picture”, which came into reality in late 19th century. And so the 20th century became the century of moving image. It seemed at one time that the animation technique had been converged by cinematography, where you need only a camera to take pictures. But lately, with the development of digital technology, the formation of pictures has become much easier. Consequently this has brought the revival of animation.

Today the “Animation” has gained a new value in industry, culture and art, owing to the popularity of manga & videogames. And now it is on its way to build a new concept of “Animation”, thanks to the ripened Audio-Visual and Information Technology and robotics following the IT revolution. We have seen the expansion from linear visual expression to interactive animation, from two-dimension visual image to three- dimension animation of real objects. The fruit of these techniques are already seen in games and interface of domestic information device, and entertainment robots that design the movement and animate the real object. It is expected for the animation film to thrive and ripen as an artistic expression. We have been keeping an eye on the possibility of animation from the early stage ahead of other institutions. As a result, we have sent off many talented animation specialists to the world. Based on our experience, we have newly set up the Major of Animation in 2003. Keeping a good balance between industry and art, we hope to bring up autonomous animation artists.

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