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Photography Major – Department of design


About Photography Major


We will study photography as a form of visual expression, and research the possibilities of new photography for today’s society.
This course fosters the development of advanced comprehensive skills that allow students to freely cross the fields of design and fine arts and tackle contemporary issues in society.

There are two main research subjects studied in this Photography Major: “Photographic Representation” and “Area Studies”. In addition to research that considers the state of the past and present “records” in photography and practices contemporary “photographic representation,” students will also learn how to interpret these records and expressions as issues that are broadly related to “social” activities.

Photographic Representation: Documentary Photography and Fine Art

Photography form an important document (recorded files) of nature, social landscape, climate and life. Students will study the history and social nature of photography, through documentary photography, and learn the objective message inherent in photography through “observation” of specific objects. In addition, students will be oriented towards artistic expression based on their unique ideas and “imagination”. The aim is to understand the characteristics of the photographic medium and reach for photographic expression that brings about a new vision for society.

Area Studies

Students will learn methods and ways of thinking about a variety of issues in society, based on “Solutions” to contemporary society with a focus on photography. We will mainly focus on fieldwork with a view to reading the historical materials(archives) inherent in the area where art projects and workshops are being developed in the area through the medium of photographic expression and photographic records, with a wide relevance to society. We will research new roles and social aspects of photography through interactive communication with local community members based on the documentary and expressive nature of photography.

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