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Industrial design Major – Department of design


About Industrial design Major

Industrial Design was born hand in hand with the birth of the industrialized society of the 20th century. Since then, people have been aiming at supplying all kinds of tools and products, systems and services, etc. to as many people as possible. To do that, it was the most effective way to utilize the mechanism of industrial production and market economy. Therefore, the Industrial Design developed together with the modern industry, bearing the important role as to supporting our life and society.

Today, however, the field of industrial design is developing far beyond the concept we had so far of designing industrial goods. That means the anticipation for industrial design has become greater and greater with the changes in the social environment. There are new themes always arising; such as to seek means to meet every little need of different types of people, or to try to reach the deep spiritual satisfaction of every individual. Or from a broader aspect, to find ways to keep in good harmony with the environment, all the more because the design will be mass-produced, and its effect is large. Today it has become the role of the industrial design to coordinate the relation between human and culture.

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