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Furniture, Interior & Architecture Major – Department of design


About Furniture, Interior & Architecture Major

Furniture, Interior & Architecture is the major in which you study and design the living environment surrounding you. The concept of Furniture, Interior & Architecture is characteristic to this institute since its foundation, in that we place human beings in the center and extend our thought from there. In other words, we grasp the living space surrounding us from inside rather than from outside. This has been the basic standpoint of this institute. From this standpoint we provide three basic fields: “Space”, “Architecture”, and “Furniture”. “Space” is a ubiquitous existence. It is the most basic concept that defines the relation between human beings and things. “Architecture” is the key and the basic axis to learn the method and system to embody and socialize the concept of space. And “Furniture” is a culture in itself that supports the life of people, forming the living space.

Therefore it is important to master first the high and special techniques provided in these three fields, and then to make a bold challenge by free thinking. We deem it important to cultivate such synthetic and traverse thinking. We encourage you to go across the three fields freely and learn simultaneously and compoundly. To give an actual example, you learn the characteristics of design and evolving method of expression in practical spaces such as: architecture and living space, office and commercial space, furniture and interior,etc. At the same time, you learn with your body, how to think and recognize these spaces as acts of expression in time and space. We need to change the environment surrounding us into a richer and better state, dynamically and carefully taking into consideration the harmony of “space, things and human beings” and their new possibilities. It is because we believe that, through our design, we can actually change our living space into that of a better quality, and let the people enjoy a better culture.

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