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Media design Major – Department of design


About Media design Major

The Information Technology had long been going underground before it became apparent in the 1990s. Since then, it has developed so rapidly with the spread of Internet and the mobile phones that it has given a lot of influence on our culture and society. Even the being of our community has changed because of the IT. Furthermore, the IT has offered us such a flexible interface as that the humankind has never before experienced. For example, thanks to network technology and program control, we can take advantage of autonomy and ubiquity, being able to talk to anybody anytime anywhere.

There is, however, a negative aspect brought about by the advancement of technology. The convenience and comfort sometimes have caused, ironically enough, a kind of alienation and breakdown to a few people.

In this kind of complex era, we find it very important for us to propose a new kind of expression method that will combine the new technology with the tender human heart. From this viewpoint, Media Design Major offers two Fields of Study, and seek for a nice humane relation between the two fields so that they work complementarily to each other.

The purpose of this Major is to let the students understand the mechanism of media technology and to let the students study the method to present precisely to the users the structure of information and the circumstances of control. Through doing so, we hope the students will be able to propose to the society a new experience brought about from handling the new equipments and coping with the new circumstances.

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