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About Textile design Major

Textile Design is a field that arose from the needs of the textile industry at the time it turned into a modern industry. Throughout its long history, fabric has served as clothing essential to human life. However, there came a time at the rise of modern industry when the fabric maker and fabric user grew to be increasingly estranged. So it became the role of textile design to act as a bridge between the maker and the user. In modern times, the development of new fibers and technological innovation greatly expanded the realm of textile. At the same time, fabric became a medium of creative expression. Therefore, from its beginnings as a single thin thread, the world of textiles has grown to encompass fashion, interior and art, giving color and texture to life. And the field of textile design continues to become larger and larger.

Because we place such a high value on creativity at this university, the wide field of Textile Design has an important place in our curriculum. Our aim is to investigate the new and epoch-making world of Textile Design from a broad perspective based on two basic axes-dyeing and weaving—plus technology. We pursue the possibilities of a new world where visual and tactile, sight and touch, are integrated, always paying close attention to the growing diversity of materials and changes in lifestyle.

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