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Sculpture Major – Department of Fine Arts


About Sculpture Major

Sculpture is a creation of an artist who desires to express his thought on a silent material and to which he entrusts his message so that it would last through infinity of time. In order to bring forth shape and life out of a material that does not speak, through the act of chipping and chiseling, you need to have a highly attuned spirit plus training. Sculpture involves long and tedious repetition of chiseling of rocks and kneading and molding of clay, even in this era where patience is rare; sculpture requires the kind of temperament that was common back in the time of Genesis.

He chief aim of this major is to guide students to acquire the basic techniques of sculpturing which are; the ability to see things as they are, attaining an accurate technique for expressing the object, and a strong will never to give up halfway. All these techniques are necessary for nurturing the ability to grasp the law of creation hidden in the nature surrounding us. As a first step, the students learn to get to know the material, and to get acquainted with the proper usage of the tools that serve as hands and feet of the artist. Then we go on to a deeper understanding of sculpture through molding mainly human figure. Here again we face the incredible theme of mother nature. As a next step, the students choose from two fields of study: Molding and Actual Material, in pursuit of their own style of expression step by step.

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