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Curriculum is the basis on which the idea of our university education is being practiced. There are two main characteristic purposes implicated in our curriculum: One is to guide students to study independently, deepening their study, nurturing their talents and discovering the possibilities lying within themselves. The other is to guide students to become specialists in their own fields without becoming narrow-sighted, but to have a broad and comprehensive view in stead. In order to realize these purposes, compulsory subjects are offered step by step, and in parallel to them, there are selective subjects to be chosen by the students’ own will. We advocate the small- class- teaching as the axis of the specialized education. Our curriculum consists of two groups of subjects; Comprehensive Subjects and Specialized Subjects, both of which should be taken in parallel for four years. We do not look at the Comprehensive Subjects as just an introductory course to the specialized education nor the ones to raise the students’ cultural level, but we look at them, hoping to integrate ‘culture’ and ‘creation’, as the ones that will build the foundation of the students’ potentiality, and will eventually produce the power and idea to create their own out-standing artwork. The Specialized Subjects, on the other hand, are the subjects to be taken selectively or step by step to deepen the students’ specializing area.
On the basis of Comprehensive Subjects and Specialized Subjects combined in an organic relation, there are ‘Seminars’ to enhance the diverse development of study. These three form the distinctive feature of our educational structure.
This booklet is compiled to introduce a few aspects of our university’s educational activities. We hope that it will help you to understand the principles, characteristics and mission of Zokei University.